Recruitment Application Portal

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To Apply for this Job, Cl!ck on the Image Below, After the Image is opened, wait for some few minutes, you will be redirected to the main Application Portal.

NOTE: If you can’t see the image, that means you are using browser like: Opera Mini, brave or phoenix, and most of these browsers won’t allow you to see all website features, this is what you should do, go to your browser setting locate Adblocker settings and deactivate it, after that, kindly refresh your this page and follow the instruction, but if you are using Chrome browser then you are good to go.

Once the portal is opened, carefully follow the instruction given, to successfully apply or register.

All candidates or applicants are advised to use a valid email address and phone to apply or register. After application or Registration, make sure you keep your contact active, so that you will be contacted.

Below is the most important requirement that qualifies each applicant to participate in the Recruitment for this summer, only candidates who meet this requirement will be contacted. Candidates who wish to apply for the 2022 Recruitment exercise must meet the following conditions:

If you have challenges while applying for the form, please don’t hesitate to write to us, so that we will assist you in make or providing the means of applying or registering for the form.