UBEC Examination Result 2022-2023 CBT Test Result Checking Portal

Hello and welcome to the UBEC Examination Result 2022-2023 recruitment exercise, here on this page we will walk you through the UBEC examination results for the year 2022 and we wish all those who participated in the recently concluded examination a very huge success and we believe that each and every applicant who sat for the Universal Basic Education examination will make a good result.

Have you been recruited or choosing to be a teacher at the Universal Basic Education it’s not by mistake or a choice, it is because the authorities of the Universal Basic Education Commission has seen you fit to be among those who will bring out the best in the lives of this young generation, that is why you are being recruited to stand as a pillar of goodwill, and as a prospective teacher you are Commission to do your best in helping these children to learn more in every aspect of their educational careers that is why you are choosing to be parts of the state teaching Service Commission?

Is UBEC Examination Results out for 2022?

After the recruitment is being concluded the next thing for every prospective teacher to do is to wait for the full list of all shortlisted candidates, and once you see your name on this list that means you are qualified to sit for the examination and I believe that you all have sat for the CBT examination and you are waiting for the CBT result.

So we wish to let all those who participated in the recent examination that the CBT exam result is out and can be Access via the official portal of the Universal Basic Education.

How to check the UBEC Examination Results 2022

To get quick access to the Universal Basic Education exam results the best way to get access to these results is to log in through the official portal of the UBEC and check your scores if you’re qualified to become a bonafide teacher in Universal Basic Education.


Log in to the portal with your correct login details including your email address and your password, failure to follow these procedures might deprive you of getting Access to your original results.

If you have any questions about the UBEC examination results you can do yourself a favor by asking us via the comment section of these websites.