NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2023/2024 See NNPC List of successfully shortlisted candidates

This is the NNPC shortlisted candidates for the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise, with other vital information that will help you in terms of checking for the NNPC Employment list 2023.

We are pleased to announce to the public pertaining to the NNPC shortlisted candidates for the 2023/2024 recruitment exercise, with this, we will be providing all the necessary information pertaining to The above-mentioned, In order to be cleared we would love you to take every information here serious to help you get an accurate response to those questions as you go through every information carefully, we will proceed In giving that information.

 Down below information pertaining to the shortlisted candidates will be provided For To help ease your curiosity.

Is NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2023 Out?

We are here to give answers to all your questions, we wish to inform the public that the NNPC shortlisted candidates 2023 Is not yet out It will be necessary you bookmark this Page In order to be notified when new information is been uploaded you would definitely get all the necessary information you need, Keep visiting This page Because we will be uploading that information as soon as the shortlisted candidate is out.

Facts Check on the NNPC Shortlisted Candidates 2023

The NNPC list of Shortlisted Candidates might not come out the period we all expect, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation has the way they run their thing, and as such being up-to-date should be our priority as long as we are expecting something, there are two different ways these lists can get to us, (1) is by online publication and (2) is probably by contacting each successful candidate via emails, so with this information, it is a welcome development to have a working and accessible email address, so with all these facts, you can be up-to-date while waiting for updates.

NNPC Shortlist Portal 2023

The legit place to get the NNPC list of Shortlisted Candidates is via the official portal of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation which happens to be – https://careers.nnpcgroup.com/, and most times to download the list the best fast track to do so is https://careers.nnpcgroup.com/downloads  by clicking this URL you can quickly access the full list of the Nigerian Air Force Shortlisted Candidates 2023.

What Happens if your Name is not Found on the List

It always feels bad that other names are on the list except yours, it can be heartbroken, but you have to keep checking back to find out if there will be a second list coming out, but in case your name can’t be found you have to keep applying for the NNPC recruitment for the upper-year, you might meet your time so don’t give up, there’s always a reason to everything.


Congratulations to all those who made it this far, do prepare yourself for the upcoming examination that will commence after the shortlist, for all those who wish to get an update on this topic let us know via the comment section.