Nigerian Navy DSSC Ranks And Salary Structure 2022

Nigerian Navy DSSC Ranks And Salary Structure 2022

The Ranks and Salary Structure of the Nigerian Navy DSSC, which stands for Direct Short Service Commission, are the same as those of regular officers.

Please note that when we refer to Nigerian Navy DSSC ranks and salaries, we also refer to Nigerian Navy Direct Short Service Ranks and Pay.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Ranks And Salary Structure

Regular Officers are individuals who completed a five-year training program at the Nigerian Defence Academy before being commissioned as officers in the Nigerian Navy.
The DSSC, on the other hand, is a brief period of training intended for graduates of any recognized university or polytechnic.

They are commissioned with the rank of Sub Lieutenant after completing 6–9 months of training. Please keep in mind that if you join the Nigerian Navy as a DSSC, you may not be able to advance to Officer rank.

Only graduates of the Nigerian Defence Academy NDA will be eligible for those positions.
If you want to join the Nigerian Navy as a graduate, CLICK HERE for further information.

Let us now proceed to the Nigerian Navy DSSC ranks and salary structure.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Ranks

  • Commodore
  • Captain.
  • Commander.
  • Lieutenant Commander.
  • Lieutenant.
  • Sub-Lieutenant.

The ranks listed above are the ones that the Nigerian Navy DSSC should aim for.

Let us now discuss the salary. The salary does not change. That is to say, regardless of whether you are a DSSC or a Regular Officer, as long as you have the rank of captain, you will be paid the same amount. If you are a sub Lieutenant, you will be paid the DSSC and Regular Officer Sub Lieutenant Salary.

Nigerian Navy DSSC Salary Structure

The Nigerian Navy’s DSSC Salary Structure is shown below.

Sub Lieutenant  ₦219,785 
Lieutenant  ₦294,655 
Lieutenant Commander  ₦340,567 
Commander  ₦402,876 
Captain  ₦450,075 
Commodore  ₦745,879 

If you have any queries about the Nigerian Navy’s ranks and pay, please leave them in the comments section.

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