Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure 2023 Logo & Symbols

Check out the Nigerian Army Ranks and Symbols and Salary Scale 2023: Do you want to know everything about Nigerian army ranks and logo? Then, carefully read through this content to all the necessary information needed.

We shall present important details about the Nigerian Army’s ranks and pay scale in this page. Knowing the Nigerian Army’s pay scale and grades is crucial whether you’re trying to comprehend the role of the military in general or desire to join the force. Learn more by reading on.

How well-versed are you in the Nigerian Army? Are you familiar with the pay scale and rank system in the Nigerian Army? If not, it might interest you to know that the goal of this post is to give our readers a general understanding of the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure

We’ll outline the Nigerian Army’s echelons in this post, together with the men’s and women’s monthly salaries. After reading this page, you will therefore be familiar with the ranks and pay scale of the Nigerian Army. I see; continue reading.

There are many things you should understand about the Nigerian Army, particularly if you plan to enlist in it in the future.

But before we get started, we’d want to briefly explain the Nigerian Army’s roles to you before we go into its pay scale and rank system.

The main element of the Nigerian Army Forces, the Nigerian Army is overseen by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). It was established in 1960 and is in charge of land operations. In terms of size, it is still Africa’s biggest army.

Some of the Nigerian Army’s responsibilities and functions are listed below.

  • Protect and dominate Nigerian territories.
  • Trains, equip, and organize new officers to carry out combat operations on land.
  • Perform basic defensive operations.
  • Coordinate the enforcement of immigration laws and customs.
  • Defend the country from external aggression.
  • Overcome insurrection.
  • Offer some emergency services.
  • Shape the security environment.
  • Restore order if needed.
  • Defend our historic sites, natural resources, and areas of high importance.
  • Perform any other duties directed by the President or mentioned in the National Assembly.

Now that you are familiar with the responsibilities and tasks of the Nigerian Army, let’s explore its ranks and pay scale.

Without initially understanding the Nigerian Army ranks, you will become perplexed regarding the pay scale. So let’s start with the ranks of the Nigerian Army.

Nigerian Army Ranks

The Nigerian Army ranks are divided into two categories:

  • The commissioned officers and,
  • The non-commissioned officers

Thus, the Nigerian Army ranks are as follows;

The Nigerian Army ranks of commissioned officers starting from the highest to the lowest are as follows:

1. Field Marshal – Field Marshal is the highest rank in the Nigerian Army. It has a 5-Star rank, which no one has ever attained since the history of Nigeria.

2. General – It has a Four-Star General. This is the highest rank ever achieved by a Nigerian. It is indicated as nine by NATO.

3. Lieutenant General – Lieutenant General has a Three-Star General and is a high commission officer. It is ranked as eight by NATO.

4. Major General – Major General is given a Two-Star General and is a medium commission officer. It is indicated as seven by NATO.

5. Brigadier General – Brigadier General is given a One-Star General. It is indicated as six by NATO.

6. Colonel – Indicated as five by NATO.

7. Lieutenant Colonel – Lieutenant Colonel is ranked four by NATO and is deputy to Colonel.

8. Major – It is stated as three by NATO and is the lower category of the field officer.

9. Captain – Captain is ranked as two by NATO and is the highest rank in the tactical troops.

10. First Lieutenant – The immediate superior rank and the deputy of the Captain.

11. Second Lieutenant –  The First Lieutenant and the Second Lieutenant are both indicated as one by NATO.

The Nigerian Army ranks of non-commissioned officers starting from the highest to the lowest are as follows:

12. Master Warrant Officer

13. Warrant Officer

14. Staff Sergeant

15. Sergeant

16. Corporal

17. Lance Corporal

18. Private Soldier

19. Recruit

Now let’s get straight ahead to the salaries each receives per month. The amount revealed here may surprise you.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2023

The pay scale for the Nigerian army is based on rank. A soldier’s pay in Nigeria is based on his rank and number of years of service. The Nigerian Army’s current pay scale is shown below.

The following table lists the commission officer salaries in the Nigerian Army, from highest to lowest:

1. General – 1,500,000 Naira per month.

2. Lieutenant General – Take home the sum of 1,000,00 Naira monthly.

3. Major General – Major General receives the third highest with a sum of 950,000 Naira every month.

4. Brigadier General – Receives N750,000 per month.

5. Colonel – Colonel take home N550,000 every month.

6. Lieutenant Colonel – Receives N350,000 monthly

7. Major – 300,000 Naira monthly

8. Captain – 220,000 Naira per month

9. Lieutenant – Lieutenant monthly salary is 180,000 Naira

10. Second Lieutenant – Second Lieutenant take home a monthly salary of N120,000

After all other deductions have been taken, this is how the men and women who risk their lives to defend you are paid. Keep in mind that they receive free dwellings as well as other benefits. Additionally, they do not pay for power.

The following table lists the non-commissioned officer wages in the Nigerian Army, from highest to lowest:

11. Master Warrant Officer – N90,000 every month.

12. Warrant Officer – N80,000 monthly.

13. Staff Sergeant – Staff Sergeant monthly take home is 68,000 Naira.

14. Sergeant – 63,000 Naira per month.

15. Corporal – Corporal receives 58,000 Naira monthly.

16. Lance Corporal – Lance Corporal earns about 54,000 – 55,000 Naira per month.

17. Private Soldier – Private Soldier earns between 48,000 – 49,000 Naira monthly

The current pay scale for the Nigerian Army is shown in the list above.

What do you think about this? The salaries are they too high or too low? Use the comment section below to share your viewpoint.

Are you considering enlisting in the Nigerian Army? The Nigerian Army recruits each year, so knowing that information might be of interest to you. For more information on how to apply, visit the Nigerian Army recruitment portal if you’re interested in joining the army to help protect Nigeria from both internal and external crises. Huge opportunities that could change your life await you if you are chosen.